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Simply strength

Simply Strength is a full body strength class that incorporates weight lifting, balance and functional movement to get you feeling stronger. This class emphasizes safe lifting practices by breaking down each strength move to make sure you are using best form throughout the class. It is slower-paced class than Pure Strength to allow for technique checks and modifications. It is a great place to start your weight-lifting/strengthening practice or for a refresh on the fundamentals of strength exercises.

Pure Strength

Pure Strength incorporates balance, core work and overall strength training. There won’t be any plyometric work during this class as the focus is more on weight lifting. Class is typically set up as circuit style :45 “work”, :15 “rest”.  Pure Strength is designed for people of all shapes, sizes and abilities. If you’re getting in enough cardio and feel like you need to gain strength, this class is for you!

Boot Camp
Boot Camp classes are 45 minutes in length and begin with a 5-minute dynamic warm up. The boot camp portion of the class is typically 30-35 minutes and incorporates strength, cardio and plyometrics exercises. The class will conclude with 5-8 minutes of stretching. This class can be modified for all ability levels.
Core FIT
Core FIT is a 45 minute class that focuses on firing up the abdominal and postural muscles. We will use stability balls, bands, sliders, dumbbells, both standing and floor work, plus balance challenges. Come get your FIT on and join us!
In this 45 minute Yoga practice you’ll move intentionally while linking movement with breath. As you stretch, flow, balance and breathe you’ll incorporate a mindset of mindfulness on and off the mat. Suitable for all levels, this mind/body practice is intended to help you achieve balance mentally, physically and emotionally. This class is a great option for athletes who know that they need to stretch (but don’t) and it can be a good beginning class for many yoga students. Contemplative & lively Yoga is designed to meet you where you are and leave you feeling better than when you arrived.
Spin classes are 45 minute in length and works all energy systems of the body to help improve cardiovascular fitness, strength and endurance. There will be a focused workout for each class, but we encourage all riders to ride within their ability and energy levels on any particular day. Classes incorporate high-energy music, combined with interval, strength and technique work. We work within specific RPM parameters (60-110) and focus on proper bike fit and form, giving you the most comfortable and safe ride possible. Bring water bottle and towel. Bring sneakers with a stiff sole or SPD cleats.
BarreFIT Yoga
BarreFIT Yoga is an athletic workout specifically designed to strengthen the entire body while lengthening the muscles and increasing flexibility.  Class begins with a dynamic warm-up designed to increase the heart rate and build heat.  Next you will move through a series of upper body exercises and isometric moves before continuing to the barre movements with a lower body workout targeting your major muscle groups.  Continue your practice with core-focused progressions on the mat and end with a yoga flow of postures designed to re-stretch the muscles. 
Spin & Sculpt
Spin & Strength offers the same great challenge of our Spin classes but we added the use of light hand weights to target the upper body and core so that you leave class having experienced a total body workout.
Pop-up classes
Keep an eye out on our class calendar for periodic Pop-Up classes that may include Pilates, Restorative Yoga, Thematic Spin classes and whatever else our talented team of instructors may want to bring to our studio community to experience.